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Ductless Heating & Cooling

No job is too big.  No room is too small.

Bryant Ductless goes in places ducted systems simply can't go.  Whether you want to place a system in areas where ducts don't exist, enhance existing ducted rooms, or just address hot or cold problem areas, Bryant Ductless has the systems to match.
Sunrooms   ~   Basements   ~   Room Additions
  Hot or Cold Rooms   ~   Garages   ~   Offices
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere, in both commercial and residential applications
  • Energy efficient.  Up to 30.5 SEER / 10.3 HSPF
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Heating down to -22 degrees F.
  • Cooling up to 130 degrees F.
  • Enhances existing ducted systems
  • ENERGY STAR* rated
  • Quiet operation

Wherever you need comfort is where Bryant Ductless systems can go!

Utilizing our heat pump technology, which is quieter and more efficient than alternative devices like baseboard heating or electric devices, Bryant ductless features two units.  An indoor unit, mounted in your home, is connected via a refrigerant line and wires to an outdoor unit.  This eliminates the need for ductwork, and allows for greater installation flexibility--and ultimately, gives you the comfort you want, eactly where you want it. And if you have more than one problem room, don't worry!  Up to 9 indoor units can be installed using the same outdoor unit!

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