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For decades Morrison, Inc. has performed specialized HVAC-R work for many commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities in the Mid-Ohio Valley and we continue to maintain their trust and confidence to this day. 

Americas Styrenics; Marietta, Ohio
Installation of specialized heating and air conditioning projects, including quality control laboratory with strict air quality requirements.

City of Marietta: Marietta, Ohio
Design, fabrication, and installation of methane gas dehumidifier for the city’s waste water treatment plant and various heating and air conditioning projects throughout the city’s infrastructure. Installed Mitsubishi City Multi Variable Refrigerant Flow Zoning (VRFZ) multi-zone heat pump in 2016. Design and constructability consultants on various projects for more than 20 years.

Energizer Battery: Marietta, Ohio
Design, fabrication, and installation of corrosion resistant air conditioning system and installation of corrosion resistant heating system for production area.

Eramet Marietta; Marietta, Ohio
Have exclusively installed, maintained, and replaced the majority of HVAC systems throughout industrial complex since its construction in the early 1960s; designed and installed conversion of all water-cooled HVAC systems to air cooling in 2005. Design/build of VFRZ Mitsubishi City Multi system in 2010.

Flexmag Industries; Marietta, Ohio
Installation of HVAC systems and process chillers since company's founding in 1983.

GE Plastics: Washington, West Virginia
Design/build of control room HVAC systems in several hazardous locations throughout manufacturing facility.

Giant Eagle Supermarkets: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Service, maintenance, and upgrades to refrigeration and HVAC systems. Upgraded Marietta, Ohio store’s HVAC system in 2005 and 2010.

Globe Metallurgical Inc.; Beverly, Ohio
Design, installation, and maintenance of various specialized heating and air conditioning systems since late 1960s. Designed and built 28-zone Mitsubishi City Multi VRFZ heat recovery heat pump system in summer 2015.

Magnum Magnetics; Marietta, Ohio
Design, installation, and service of HVAC and process cooling systems; renovation/upgrade of large manufacturing facility HVAC and dust collection systems in 2007; and installation of 260-nominal ton A/C system in 2013.

Marietta College; Marietta Ohio
Primary provider of installation, repair, and maintenance services for technically difficult HVAC systems across local college’s multi-structure campus.  In 2005 designed and installed a highly energy efficient, water source heat pump based HVAC system retrofit for two campus buildings using a shared boiler and shared closed circuit water cooling tower.

Marietta Memorial Hospital; Marietta, Ohio
Have performed nearly all HVAC work for this client since late 1960s; designed and installed multiple Mitsubishi City Multi systems, surgical suite systems, and biohazard containment systems at hospital’s main campus as well as Belpre and Wayne Street auxiliary sites.

MIBA Bearings USA, LLC: McConnellsville, Ohio
Design/build of 35,000CFM direct fired heating/DX cooling make-up air system.

Ohio Power Company/American Electric Power Company: Beverly, Ohio
Installation of digital zone control systems, air handlers, and various HVAC projects at this coal-fired generating plant.

OSI Specialty Chemicals/Momentive Performance Materials: Sistersville, West Virginia
Installation of air conditioning/dehumidification system for process building and various HVAC systems.

Peoples Bank; Marietta, Ohio
Renovation and expansion of downtown headquarters in 1993 as well as maintenance, repair and replacement of HVAC systems there and for numerous branch facilities since early 1960s.

Profusion Industries/RJF International: Marietta, Ohio
HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement services for extruded plastics products manufacturer.

Silverheels Development; Marietta, Ohio
Partner with this local general contractor for renovations to numerous business and rental properties, including a design/build renovation of historic Fayerweather Hall dormitory and Brown Hall academic building at Marietta College in 2005.

Solvay Advanced Polymers; Marietta, Ohio
HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement services for specialty polymers manufacturer.  Design and installation of an explosion proof process area air handler project with Direct Digital Controls and an explosion proof instrumentation room.

Washington County Children Services; Marietta, Ohio
Expert witness in successful litigation/negotiation between this agency and architect & contractor over a flawed HVAC design and installation. Remediation of 6-year-old heating/cooling/zoning system, which included replacement of zoning control systems on six HVAC systems throughout facility with more than 66 individually controlled comfort zones.

Washington County Home; Marietta, Ohio
Installation of 100-ton air-cooled water chiller and chilled water coils for comfort conditioning.

If we can perform in these complex environments, we're certainly ready to meet the needs and demands of your facility as well.  Call us today for a consultation!

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