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m.. . . ... 1.014 625 c.c. Day urine 625 c.c. Night urine 625 c.c. Salt Nitrogen Water Gms. Gms. C.c. . . . 9.8 9.0 1310 Cost Of Chloroquine . 9.1 5.4 1250 1.011 700 c.c. Day Chloroquine Price urine 775 c.c. Night urine 700 Buy Chloroquine c.c. Salt Nitrogen Water Gm.^. Gms. Aralen Tablets C.c. 10.5 8.2 1460 Order Aralen Online 8.8 3.1 1475 actly one c.c. of this dye and the drinking of two glasses of Chloroquine Buy water by the patient, usually signifies dis- turbance of function of the kidneys. The What Is Chloroquine lower the percentage excreted, the more pronounced is the inefficiency Buy Aralen of the kidney. This test Chloroquine Aralen Aralen Phosphate is of more value than any other of the dye tests, and its value increases when it is performed simultaneously with the two hour test and the chemical examination of the blood. It is advisable to use zinc acetate Chloroquine Tablets to pre- cipitate any Aralen Online bile or blood Buy Aralen Online which the urine may con- tain Purchase Aralen before comparisons are made with the standard solution of the dye. MORKIS: KIDNEY FUNCTION. 539 Tlic two hour Order Aralen test, which includes the determina- tion of tlie amount of intake and output Aralen Price of aU fluids, sak, and nitrogen, with the patient upon a diet which is high in salt, and in protein, Purchase Aralen Online is vahiable. This Buy Cheap Aralen test has several features which yield considerable infor- mation : First, in reference to Aralen Cost specific gravity. Nor-

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