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born must die, he has persisted doggedly in his at- tempt to stay young longer than Nature decreed. The fountain of youth has been sought by mere dreamers and by serious minded scientists, and while their methods have differed their purpose Discount Cozaar has been one. So Losartan Cozaar that it is probably within the truth to say that every generation since the birth of man has had its student of this problem and his remedy. The last generation had its Brown-Sequard ; today, we have our Steinach. Methods differ, but aims do not change. We want to stay young; we do not want to die; we have work to do or pleasures to live for, but we want to stay young. Hence may we account for the universal interest manifested in monkey gland transplantation and in the Steinach method of vasectomy. Both Cozaar 100mg of these methods, at least, have a theoretical basis upon which they will bring analysis and study, for both are based on the theory that we are as old as our endocrines, and if we can put a new supply of fresh endocrine products into our tired bodies, we can attain the end sought and stay young somewhat longer. Transplantation of gonads cannot become popu- lar, for monkeys are scarce and their gonads do not always stay where they are put. The Steinach method of vasectomy, however, offers the possibility of obtaining what we have long sought, at Buy Cozaar Online little or no risk, with slight loss of time, and Order Cozaar a fair measure of success. In this issue of the Journal Wolbarst gives a report of a number of cases in which the patients were operated upon. The article brings up a number of interesting points. Are we face to face with a real rejuvenator? This question suggests itself when we analyze the reports that are coming to us from various sources. Cozaar 100 Mg It is plain that this operation has some effect on the endocrine system ; but how does it obtain these effects and how long will they last? It has been suggested that the operation may be of value only in such cases as present a disturbance in the endocrine balance, and that this balance is set right by the traumatic shock to the endocrine chain produced by the operation. This may be so, and this view also may explain the fact that patients suffering from acute and chronic epididymitis do not present visible changes in their endocrine mech- anism. It is quite possible that the inflammatory closure of the tubules in the epididymis does not carry with it the required trauma, and hence the mechanism is not Cozaar Cost affected to any appreciable degree. We note with peculiar interest the statement that a common sequel to the operation in aged, senile subjects, Cozaar 25 Mg is the lowering of the blood Cozaar 50mg pressure from twenty to fifty Cozaar Online mm. Surely this alone is worth striv- ing for, and if it can be shown on further investiga- tion that these conclusions are correct, we have in the Steinach operation a most valuable addition to the therapeutics of high blood pressure. Another thought suggested, is that this operation is not necessarily to be used for sexual weakness alone, but rather as a general tonic Price Of Cozaar in which the sexual function, among others, is benefitted. There is reason to believe that this is a far more important feature of the operation than its advocates have been willing Purchase Cozaar to Buy Cozaar admit, but if it proves to be a general tonic, especially for the aged and the near aged, Steinach will have presented a veritable boon to mankind. PHYSICIANS NEEDED Columbia University is one of the most richly endowed and the largest of the universities, and its school of medicine has been one of the most progressive in adopting new laboratory courses and enlarging its curriculum. In his annual report as president of the university Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler Cost Of Cozaar presents some important matters in regard to medical education. "The true aim of the medical school," says President Butler, "should be to give instruction in fundamental principles and methods, to bring the students into contact with realities, to train him in habits of observation and Cozaar Mg inference as to physiological, and pathological phenomena, and to give him knowledge of where to look for the additional or specialized information that he may need before his own experience has sufficiently widened and deepened to bring it to him." President Butler realizes that the purpose of the medical school is primarily to train physicians, and 548 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. not scientific investigators. "It would be a sorry day," says Dr. Butler, "for the public health and for the public satisfaction if the physician of large, prac- tical experience, wide human sympathy and keen insight into human nature were to yield his place to the expert with the microscope and the test tube. The scientific aspects of medicine must not be per- mitted Cheap Cozaar to override its human aspects." Dr. Butler has put into words a feeling which is prevalent throughout a large portion of the medical profession. The true province of the physician is Online Cozaar to heal the sick. Under the rapid development of specialism in medicine this function has been lost sight of in some of the larger medical schools, which train scientific investigators instead of physi- cians. There is a need for scientific investigators, but the crying need is for men of broad, medical education whose senses and powers of observation, as well as their minds, Buy Cheap Cozaar have been carefully trained; men who depend mainly on their own trained powers of Cozaar Price observation and deduction rather than on

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