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administration of calcium chloride with the salt free diet marked diuresis can be obtained in various forms of nephritis even where the ordinary diuretic meas- ures have failed. The amount of calcium chloride administered in their cases varied from five to as much as nineteen grams a day, the latter amount, however, being continued only for two days, while in some cases eleven grams a day were continued for a week. The cases related include cases of severe hydropigenous chronic nephritis, of acute hemorrha- gic glomerulonephritis, and of chronic mixed nephri- tis. Calcium chloride proved superior to potassium salts, previously used with success in a number of cases of obstinate edema of renal origin, in that it causes gastrointestinal price erythromycin philippines disturbances much less fre- ((uently and never induces circulatory symptoms. It can be used in all forms of nephritis, even those associated with marked lesions in the circulatory organs. Calcium chloride is the most effective and harmless diuretic in the edema of Bright's disease, and its administration with the salt poor diet con- stitutes the treatment of choice in such cases. Sarcoma of Prostate. — Stern and Ritter (American Journal of Surgery, August, 1921) state that of the thirty-six cases thus far reported, there have been eleven different types of sarcoma found. Most of the tumors have been found to occur during infancy and early childhood. Only eight of the growth were found in men over fifty- eight years of age. The tumor itself very fre- quently has been found to grow to a considerable size, so as to completely fill the pelvis, forcing the bladder upward and forward ; at times producing no residual urine, and at other times, when cheap erythromycin there is pressure upon the prostatic urethra, much residual urine is present. In a case reported by Young, forty-four ounces of price erythromycin india residual urine were obtained. The consistency cost erythromycin topical of the tumor may vary from that resembling an abscess, soft, and apparently fluctu- ating, to a consistency simulating the st-ny hard- ness of sarcoma of bone. Sarcoma of the prostate may have occurred, and probably does occur, more frequently than medical literature indicates ; for the symptoms in buy cheap erythromycin these cases vary a great deal, as most patients do not complain of any pain or difficulty in urination until urinary obstruction develops. Pain is rarely complained of before the growth has done its damage. cost erythromycin In some cases, the diagnosis is not made because the pa- tient complains only of constipation and dift'iculty in bowel movement from pressure or extension into the rectum. In a few cases, urinary retention was the first symptom of the growth. Hematuria is uncommon in this condition. McGowan reports a case in which the patient was apparently cured, but died four years later of cancer of the liver. This is the longest any patient has purchase erythromycin lived after the diagnosis was made. In the case reported by the authors, although the patient had been given prophylactic x ray treat- ment, and there was an apparent complete removal of the growth at operation, and the patient received 5i>4 PRACTICAL THERAPEUTICS. 840 milligram hours treatment with radium, yet within two months the growth, which at the time of operation was limited to the left lobe of the pros- tate, had extended so as to cost erythromycin gel involve the entire blad- der, rectum and abdominal wall. Had a positive diagnosis been possible preoperatively, more could have been accomplished by a simple cystotomy ac- companied by X ray and radium treatments, than by any known surgical procedure. Treatment of Pyelitis. — Kretschmer (Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, December, 1921) con- cludes that pelvic lavage with silver nitrate is an cost of erythromycin 500mg efficient, simple method for treating infections in the renal pelvis. In this series of cases 66.4 per cent, of the patients treated were finally discharged with urine sterile and free of pus. In selecting cases for treatment, lesions of the urinary tract of a surgical nature must be excluded. Lesions of the abdominal viscera which may be factors in con- tributing to relapses or rendering :his treatment in- cost erythromycin ophthalmic ointment efficient must be recognized and treated. Bone Metastases in Bladder Carcinoma.^H. L. Kretschmer (Surgery, Gynecology and Cbstclrics, December, 1921) offers the following conclusions: 1. Bone metastases occur beyond a doubt in cases of carcinoma of the bladder. 2. Their occurrence is uncommon as compared to the frequency of bone metastases in carcinoma of the prostate. 3. Lxten- sive metastases cost erythromycin ophthalmic may be present although the pri- mary tumor in cost erythromycin eye ointment the bladder be small. 4. Prior to operation or radium treatment, routine examination of the osseous system, by means of rontgen rays, to make certain the presence or price erythromycin ointment absence of metas- tases should be carried out in all cases. Pericarditis in Chronic Nephritis. — Alvan L. Barach (American Journal of the Medical Sciences. January, 1922) online erythromycin gives a description of the clinical and laboratory characteristics of a group of thirty cases of chronic nephritis at the time of development of an acute pericarditis. A marked nitrogen reten- tion in the blood, a constantly present acidosis, a high blood pressure, severe secondar}- anemia and how much does azithromycin cost a tendency to hemorrhage were conspicuous features. It is pointed out that average cost erythromycin pericarditis is not a terminal complication in the sense that it always terminates the life of the patient. The average duration of life after the onset of the pericarditis was twenty-nine days. Excluding a patient that lived one year thereafter the average figure was sixteen days. Death in order erythromycin price erythromycin gel many of these cases did not seem linked with an advancing heart failure or to the acidosis, but rather to the progressive retention of nitrogen price erythromycin ophthalmic ointment in the blood. Except in one case the diagnosis was made by the presence of pericardial friction and not

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