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the right side and normal function on the left side. An attempt was made to get a pyelogram, but the bromide did not go into the kidney pelvis. The x ray showed only a large mass Famvir Purchase occupying the site of the right kidney. It seemed Order Famvir Online probable that there existed kidney tumor, and on cutting down this large mass a hydronephrotic kidney was found. The interesting part of the case was that Purchase Famvir there were no veins at the lower part of the kidney causing the hydronephrosis. Evidently the hydronephrosis was caused by adhe- sions around the upper ureter. The kidney was re- moved without Famvir 500mg difficulty and the Famvir Cost patient made a good recovery. Cystograms of Interesting Bladder Cases. — Dr. O. Order Famvir S. Lowsley presented a series of lantern slides of interesting cases of bladder disease, Famvir 250 Mg some of Famvir Famciclovir which were: 1. Sodium iodide picture of a diverti- culum with the opening into the bladder occurring at the posttrigonal region. 2. The relation of the internal sphincter in tabes, in which condition the bladder Famciclovir Famvir and posterior urethra formed practically one and the same organ. It ex- tended to the umbilicus and presented a number of irregularities. 3. Sodium iodide in woman's kidney, showing the calices around the kidney. 4. The picture of a catheter coiled up Famvir Price in a diverti- culum after the method proposed by Dr. Alfred Osgood. A catheter may be seen in the diverticulum. 5. The diverticulum injected. 6. A similar diverticulum with the catheter coiled in it and the other catheter passing into the ureter and kidney pelvis. There was a similar filling of the diverticulum in that case with a little leaking into the Buy Famvir Online bladder. 7. The same case, with complete degeneration of the bladder, showing the numerous smaller diverti- culse. The opening of the main diverticulum faintly shown, and an enormous diverticulum filled to capacity. The ureter passed under the diverticulum. 8. Shows injection of the ureter. The kidney had been removed from this side, and a partial injection of the ureter was made Famvir Buy on that side. 9. An extrophy of the bladder. The two ureters could be seen here, and the big red mass on the front of the man's abdomen. This showed the absence of the pubic bones, which always occurs in these cases. 10. A cystitis cystica, a cross section of the vesical lining. 11. A cystogram with double ureter and double kidney pelvis on both sides. 12. This picture showed the two kidney pelvis, the ureters in close apposition as they Buy Famvir descended. The other kidney could be seen at this point, with the ureters coming down here. Dr. O. S. Lowsley, replying to a question from Dr. Pedersen in regard to the. method used, said that the beef kidneys were filled with the solution under considerable pressure. The rabbits' kidneys were filled so full that with the kidney exposed one could see the kidney itself swell. The conditions were made as imfavorable as possible. The damage was noted two weeks afterward. The solution was tried in various strengths, and a fairly good shadow was obtained with ten per cent, sodium iodide, but practically all the pictures were taken Purchase Famvir Online with twent)' per cent., which did not seem to irritate. Demonstration of Instruments. — Dr. Victor C. Pedersen presented a syringe of which the main features were a metal case, all wearing parts asbes- tos, and Scotch gauge glass cylinder. This glass must be the genuine Scotch gauge glass which was annealed for boiling water and steam, thick enough to hold against steam pressures, and elastic enough to accept considerable rough handling. The syringe might be dropped into boiling hot water Buy Cheap Famvir or upon the Famvir 500 Mg floor, or instnmients might fall upon it in ordi- narj- ways without breaking it. Dr. Pedersen next presented a virgin speculum for diagnosis in venereal disease suspects in young umnarried women of full stature and therefore with long vaginas. The usual virgin speculum was an inch shorter than that for childbearing women, hence it must be crowded into the vulva of such young women, in order to reach the cervix, which it often failed to do. The crowding brought the expanding conical portion at the hinge against the hymen and damaged it Famvir Online in girls who had not had coitus. The speculum shown had the full length of the standard instrument for parous women, but all other measure- Famvir 500 ments were those Cheap Famvir of the former virgin type. This speculum had been endorsed by the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women. Dr. Hyman, introducing Dr. Carelli, said that he had been in New York for the past three weeks, he had had a large experience with this work, hav- ing injected over 300 cases in his own office. Not content with injections of air into a preformed cav- ity, he had undertaken to introduce air and make a new cavity and had devised a method of injecting air into the perirenal space so as to bring the kid- ne}' into sharper outline. PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 567 Pneumoradiography. — Dr. H. H. Careli.i, of Buenos Aires, demonstrated a new procedure to

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