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body. These patients should be given antisyphilitic treatment, particularly as such excellent results are obtained in uncomplicated cases. The treatment of this condition consists in the prevention of syphilis and the proper treatment of all cases of syphilis at the earliest possible date, keeping the patients under observation for some time after. Focal Cheap Geodon Infection in Gonorrheal Arthritis. — J. H. Buy Cheap Ziprasidone Cunningham {Surgerv. Gvnecology and Obstretrics, June, 1921) states: "1 wish to urge that the possibility of foci of in- fection in the deep genital structures be included in the differential diagnosis of infectious arthritis, and I feel certain that those who recognize such lesions and deal with them surgically will Order Ziprasidone Online be enthusiastic about the Buy Ziprasidone Online results." NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL AND MEDICAL RECORD. 35 I MlM'IIIIIIHilUklNMAMMAIIHN:) In many instances of obsiina+ely coniinuing bronchial in- f lammaiions relief is no+ obiained until a definite augmenta- tion in the general bodily resis-fance is brought about. owinq ■fo iis power -fo 5+imula+e llie mefaLollc processes, increase 4.'ie red cell counr and charge +he ■fissues uii^li en added resistance, is defini+elij indica-fed in +licse cases of Buy Geodon pro- iracied bronchial inflammation, A marled advaniaqe of Cord, Purchase Ziprasidone Online fxi OL Morrhuae Comp.(H3qee) is its palatabilifi^. 1+ may be continued "Tok long periods wi4hou+ causinq cjis+rcss. (fm t«H fium OUNCE Of liMt[5 CORDIM-Of T«E KTBACI Of COD Buy Ziprasidone IIIIS OlLtOMPOUhO COKTAIKS THt tXIRAnOBIAm- Jfllt fROH 0M[ inlBO flUID OlKft Of COO irVlR Oll.UHf f«nr WRII0« bung El91WAIID).f01JR CB»lltSatni,1UIUI10l>(HS- PtUI! fOl'B MAINS MDIll.HCl.lCEaOliHOSW»ltON-EHUfcaMKSil]OftltAaO.(KlMIIIOHOILinSltlltaEttiWlllCLlM»lD Alio Hallli, iK(Jthfirw0» Chemical Co., ^i:tou\sMo. Valentine's Meat- Juice In Typhoid, Gastric and Other Fevers, where it is Essential to Sustedn the Patient without Irritat- ing the Wesikened Digestive Organs, Valentine's Meat- Juice c3emonstrates its Case of Assimilation and Buy Geodon Online Power of Restoring and Strengthening when Other Food Fails. J. R. Wood, M. D., Physician Sheltering Arms Hospital, Paint Creek, W. Va., U. S. A. : "I have been using Valentine's Meat- Juice in the treatment of Typhoici Fever cases in the Sheltering Arms Hospital, for the last two or three weeks, with the most gratifying results both to the patient anci physician. I consicier it the best pre- paration of animal food I have ever seen, in fact, the only one I have ever haci any success with. " Dr. Genevaix, Assistant Surgeon-Major, First Class, Generic Ziprasidone HotelDieu, Creusot, France : "The patients to whom I have given the excellent preparation, Valentine's Meat-Juice, have founci their general con- dition rapidly improved by it, and in the convalescence from continued Fever (Typhoid and Para-Typhoid) it gives the best results." Physicians are invited to send for brochures containing cJinical reports. For sale by American and European Chemists and Druggists. VALENTINE'S MEAT-JUICE COMPANY, Richmond, Virginia, U. S. A. XEir Order Geodon YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL AND MEDICAL RECORD. Positive Nonspecific Wassermann and Mein- icke Reactions as a Result of Digitalis Therapy. Purchase Geodon Karl Bauer {^IFiciwr klinische ll'ochenschnft, February 23, 1922) shows that a negative Wasser- mann or Meinicke reaction may become positive under certain conditions, in spite of the fact that no syphilis is present. To obtain this result, the withdrawal of blood for the serologic examination must absolutely take place at a time when the pa- tient is not subjected to any kind of treatment. In some cases the Wassermann and Meinicke reactions are made only weakly positive by digitalis, and in a very few cases are made strongly positive. _ In both cases these reactions disappear witliin a few- days, allowing the assumption that the stability of Purchase Ziprasidone the serum varies in different individuals, so that some cases possess a Order Ziprasidone greater tendency for the ap- pearance of a nonspecific Wassermann or jMein- icke reaction than others. However, there are also cases in which the patient shows no changes in the serologic reactions in spite of digitalis therapy. Essential Hematuria.— C. S. Levy {Surgery. Gynecology and Obstetrics, Januar>', 1922) from a clinical study of essential hematuria summarizes as

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