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SEND FOR COIViPLEXE INFORMATION AND CHARTS SAVE 30% ON INTRAVENOUS SPECIALTIES motrin is ibuprofen THIS firm, pioneer of yesterday and leader in the field dose ibuprofen dosage for ibuprofen today, now offers many intravenous specialties to the physician at a saving of 30c on the dollar. These products, made in our large laboratories from the new- est and best of proved formulae, are recognized by dose for ibuprofen the medical profession as the highest quality known. We have always set the standard of quality— now we are establishing a price that is of further advantage to the physician. Write for our latest price lists today. George A. Breon dose of ibuprofen Co., Coca Cola Bldg. Dept. 1 12 Kansas City, Mo. 42 iV£M^ YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL AND MEDICAL RECORD. NEODIARSENOL (Neoarsphenamine) As a result of more than two years research work a method of control of toxic by-products in the manufacture of Neodiar- senol has been perfected. In addition 600 ibuprofen to possessing in the highest degree the physical and clinical features desirable, Neodiarsenol now offers chemical purity and biological results heretofore unequalled. If you have occasion to acetaminophen with ibuprofen use arsenicals this merits your atten- tion. Detailed literature and latest price list will be sent upon request. Neodiarsenol may be obtained through your dealer, or direct from any of our offices. DIARSENOL COMPANY, INC. BOSTON BUFFALO ATLANTA VX -by -L L yVo 1 IN Tablet No. 1 (Sugar Splitting, Lactic Acid Producing Ferment) Has proven more efficient in removing the prominent symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus Tiian any other single agent employed during the entire history ibuprofen acetaminophen of the disease. , , , The American Ferment Co. Samples and ^. o • ^•^- r. ^- . use of ibuprofen Distributing Agents Scientific Rationale rr « ■%.% it- on Request BUIialO, N. Y. .V£»' YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL AND MEDICAL REC0R1> SIX POINTED POINTERS Among the many points of superiority which render GARDNER'S Syrup of Hydriodic Acid (hydrogen iodide) efficient as advil ibuprofen a substitute for KI and dosage ibuprofen the other alkaline iodides are the following: First: It contains a larger proportion of iodine. Second: Is effective in relatively smaller doses. Third: Produces all the therapeutic effects of iodine yet rarely, if ever, causes the untoward effects incident to their use. Fourth: Is extremely palatable, having a taste, when properly diluted, similar to lemonade. Fifth: Is well tolerated when the stomach is free from food, the logical time for the administration dosage of ibuprofen of iodine. Sixth: Can ibuprofen use be given continuously for long periods and is therefore better adapted for advil and ibuprofen use ibuprofen and motrin where the protracted exhibition of iodine is indicated. Samples sent physicians upon receipt of their professional ibuprofen and acetaminophen card. Firm of ibuprofen motrin R. W. Gardner P. O. Box 925, ibuprofen mg City Hall Station, New York, N. acetaminophen or ibuprofen Y.

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