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he operated during menstruation merely from pressure of time on the part of the patient, and little or no effect was produced on the discharge by the operation. Dr. Joseph Price, commenting upon some points alluded to in Dr. Goodell's paper as to the contaminated atmosphere of a general hospital, cited the statistics of two hospitals : the spe- cial department of the Birmingham General Hospital, and the Birmingham Hospital for Women, covering a period from Janu- ary, 1878, to September, kamagra oral gel 1880. Dr. Montgomery considered Dr. Goodell's success gratify- ing, especially after tapping. A patient had come to him one month after tapping. She had a high pulse, septicemia, large adhesions to the viscera, putrid clots in the tumor, etc., and died on the fifth day, with a temperature of 105°. He did not ap- prove of tapping broad-ligament cysts. One patient with such a tumor had been tapped seven times. The tumor was sub- Feb. 5, 1887.J uk kamagra PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 161 sequently removed, and lie did not have kamagra to buy a single vessel to tie. In this case the peri ton (Bum had been pushed up by the tumor, and was not opened until late in the operation. Dr. R. P. IIahkis had been requested by Dr. Parish to re- port the present condition of the patient from whom he had removed the ovarian tumor exhibited by him before the so- ciety at its meeting on March 4, 1886, the day after the operation, as he had seen her kamagra quick much more recently than Dr. Parish had. Dr. Harris stated that, notwithstanding the fact that the tumor had been largely solid, that it had grown rapidly, that the solid kamagra online portion bad an appearance of malignancy, and that there had been a small morbid growth projecting upward from the fundus uteri, the lady was to all appearance a well woman. He saw her on December 26th, when she professed to have perfectly re- covered her health and strength after a very prolonged conva- lescence. Her appearance and activity certainly indicated that her statement was correct. The uterine nodule mnst have been a fibroid, as, had it been cancerous, it must have materially de- veloped in nine months. 'Ihe future of this case would be of much interest. Three Successful Tait Operations were reported by Dr. Cuarles Meigs Wilson, who said that these cases were the first of a series performed without the use of carbolic-acid solutions for instruments and without the spray. Hydrant-water, boiled for six hours, was used for the instruments and sponges in the first and second eases, and a solution of mercuric chloride, ] to 6,000, for like purposes in the third. The wounds in all three were dressed alter the manner of Keith. The incisions were less than two inches in length. More than three months had elapsed since the operation in each case before it had been re- ported. It had seemed best kamagra kamagra co uk to publish the eases in this manner, because the vast majority of all patients recovered without acci- dent from the operation, and hence mere statistics of the heal- ing of the wound amounted to little but evidence of individual skill. Statistics of the real relief afforded by the operation were what the profession needed, in order to give the operation its just, place in modern surgical procedures. Case I. Myo-fibroma of the Uterus. — The patient first came under observation in July, 1886. She gave her history as follows : buy kamagra in uk Miss McM., aged thirty-two; nullipara ; for the last sixteen months kamagra paypal she had had a rapidly growing tumor of the abdomen ; menses profuse ; catamenial in- tervals, ten to fifteen days ; for the past four months she had been rarely free from bloody vaginal discharge. She was emaciated and amende. She was very nervous and alarmed about the constant bloody discharge. She had reflex pains, but no ovarian tenderness or pain. She was obstinately constipated, owing to the pressure of the tumor upon the rectum. She was found to have a large fibroid tumor of the fundus and anterior wall of the uterus. The enlarged uterus was incar- cerated in the cavity of the kamagra cheap pelvis, and was very immobile. The sound entered the uterus seven inches and a quarter. Abdominal section was performed, order kamagra September 20, 1886, with the assistance of Dr. E. Wilson, Dr. C. P. Noble, and Dr. E. Longaker. The tubes were as thick as the finger, they had thin walls, and were distended with blood. The ova- ries buy kamagra were over size, and the right one was cystic. The ligature slipped from the uterine end of the left tube, and, before it could be secured, there was free htei rhage. The operation lasted forty minutes. Con- valescence was retarded by abscess of one of the suture traits. The patient made an purchase kamagra excellent recovery. She had lost no- blood since the second day after the operation, her appetite was good, an. I she was able to resume her occupation of seamstress. She frequentlj walked two miles to her work. All pain had disappeared. She ha. I gained twenty- two pounds since tl peration. December 20, 1886, the sound kamagra in uk en- tered the uterus time inches anil a quarter; the tu r was greafjly reduced in size. Case ii. Hystero-epilepsy.—'Hi.m. i\, aged thirty, primipara. Had always enjoyed good health until alter the birth of her child si\ years '-'i>. She bad been delivered with forceps, and tin rvix and peri- nanim had been badly torn. She had been in bed nine weeks after the confinement. No kamagra fast clear history of her puerperal trouble could be ob- tained. She had had profuse catamenial discharges since. buy kamagra jelly About six months after the birth of her child she had first commenced to have attacks of loss of consciousness, followed by epileptoid seizures at her menstrual periods. These had gradually become so violent as to place her life in seeming jeopardy during their occurrence, and left her utterly prostrated. She had been in bed about twenty days out of every month for four years. Her epileptic seizures had occurred only at her monthly periods. Everything that her medical attendant could think of had been done for her, and her family were about to place her in an insane asylum. The ovaries and tubes were removed October kamagra jelly online 3, 1886. The operation was an easy and simple one. The patient made a speedy recovery without any untoward symptoms. She was now able to earn her living as a yarn-pieker, working full time ; had had no discharge of blood, little or no pain, and not one seizure since the day of operation. Case III. Tubercular kamagra on line Pyosatpinx. — Miss E. kamagra now R., aged nineteen, nulli- para. This patient was also operated upon on October 3, 1886. Since menstruation began, at fifteen years of age, she had had constant dull aching pain, deep-seated in the pelvis. At her menstrual epochs her agony had been unbearable. The menses had always been kamagra online uk slight in quantity and regular as to time. She presented a badly nourished ap- pearance. Physical examination showed marked evidence of general tuberculosis. In spite of this fact and in view of her intense menstrual

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