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g r a i n e, vomiting, functional, cardiac disturbances, and all re- flex neuroses. HISTOSAN Triguaiacol Albuminate of value as an expectorant and on account of its bechic qualities; it is well tolerated by the stomach even after continued administra- Keflex 1000 Mg tion, in cases of phthisis and chronic bronchitis. Full Literature Mailed on Request Carbic Color & Chemical Co., Inc. Formerly C. Biscnoff & Co., Inc. 45 1-453 Washington St. New York, N. Y. CEIESTINS Keflex 500mg The place of CELESTINS Vichy in the dietary is dis- tinctive and important. It Keflex 750 Mg is an alkaline water of diuretic action, and 500 Keflex Mg is in- dicated in cases of the fol- lowing : Chronic hepatic disorders ; gastric and intestinal in- digestions; acid dyspeiisia ; chronic catarrhal gastritis or enteritis; rheumatism; diabetes ; inflammation of the bladder ; and a large number of minor ailments. There is no Vichy but that bottled by the Government works at Vichy, France. Order and accept only CELESTINS Vichy, other- wise you are getting mere- ly a beverage. A booklet on Buy Keflex the therapeu- tic uses of CELESTINS Vichy will be sent Keflex Oral Suspension on re- quest. HENRY E. GOURD Cenera! Distribator 456 Foarth Avenne. New York Citr 48 NEIV YORK .MEDICAL JOURNAL AND MEDICAL RECORD. AUTHORITATIVE EVIDENCE! (Photographically Reproduced) Herewith is a photograph of Page 95, Vol. II, "Diseases of Women," as edited by Purchase Keflex H. Marion-Sims, M. D., and in Dr. Keflex Dose Sims' own words, is recorded the high esteem in which he held Hoyden's Viburnum Compound and the "great service" rendered in treating DYSMENORRHEA HAYDEN'S Keflex For Mrsa VIBURNUM COMPOUND is as Dose Keflex effectual therapeutically to-day as in the day of Sims, and will give Keflex 250 Mg you the same "great service" in treat- ing your dysmenorrhea cases, as was rendered Keflex Purchase to Dr. Sims. Prescrilie, as recommended by Sims, Order Keflex Online in teaspoonful doses, "administered in hot Keflex Order Keflex 500mg Price water" every hour for three or four hours. See that the genuine H. V. C. and not a substitute is dis- pensed. Liberal samples of Keflex Online the genuine H. V. C. willingly sent on request. NEW YORK PHARMACEUTICAL CO. Bedford Springs, Bedford, Mass. Hoyden's Uric Solvent has proven most effective in the treatment of rheumatic Keflex Dosage and painful joint conditions. Its value has been proven by years of clinical experience. Samples and literature on request. fiyjSMENORRUCEA. It has been long^ known that Antibiotics Keflex rest is most < lieving dysmenorrhaea. Some patients h, bed during the Keflex 400 Mg menstrual process, finding from the position. There is nothini^ tliert ndati<

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