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fields and two surgeons. TJhe equipment for thorough, modern laboratory and radiographic study is complete and under highly trained direction. The clinic cheap maxalt is general, but especially adapted to the study and treatment of metabolic disorders maxalt rpd 10 (diabetes and nephritis), maxalt melt 10mg cardiovascular conditions, gastro-intestinal dis- eases, arthritis, endocrine disturbances, and neurological conditions. Doctor Bond's House buy maxalt online Yonkers-on-Hudson, New VorK maxalt mlt coupon For the scientific treatment of selected cases of NER- VOUS and MENTAL DISEASES and Cases of Habit. I» (ree from institutional atmosphere or maxalt melts appearance, and has e.Nceptionally beautiful grounds, views and surround- ings. Modern hydrotherapeutic installation. The limited number of eight received assures close in- flividual attention. Twenty-nine minutes from Grand Central Station, New York Oily. For illustrated booklet, address Dr. G. F. M. is there a generic for maxalt Bond 960 North maxalt mlt generic Broadway. Yonkers-on-Hudson, New maxalt rpd 10mg York. Telephone, 883 Tonkers. maxalt mlt tablets SANFORD HALL FLUSHING, N. Y. A PRIVATE HOSPITAL FOR maxalt cost Mental and Nervous Diseases w. EST.\BLISHED 1841 STUART BROWN, Physician in Charge Telephone : 17 Flushing ultations in New York City by Appointment NEIV YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL AND MEDICAL RECORD. 63 Private Institutions and Sanitariums A HEIALXH and REST order maxalt online RESORX Ddid MINERAL WATERS for its wonderful Waikesha Moor Baths. WAUKESHA z^:^^^::zl:ii cost of maxalt MOOR (MUD) BATHS OR RHPITMATKM go"t, lumbago, articular, sciatica, IVnCUm/\HOm, neuritis, diabetes, gall, bladder and LIVER troubles, ECZEMA, and other ailments that require Good Circulation, price of maxalt Elimination, Relaxation and Rest. F, reproof and Modern Building— 150 Well Heated Rooms. Sun Parlor, Billiard :>!d Smoking Room for Men. Unusual ofportunities for Relaxation and Rest. Correspondence maxalt tablets with Physicians solicited maxalt 5 mg OPEN ALL YEAR ROUMD For rates, literature and reservations address: WAUKESHA MOOR (MUD) BAXH CO. PROSPECT AVENUE WAUKESHA, WIS. RIVER CREST SANIXARIUIVI ASTORIA. LOIMG ISLAND (Under State License) Nine maxalt melt Attractive Buildings lor Nervous and IVIental Diseases, Includi committed and voluntary patients. Alcoholic and Narcotic Hatiitues NEW YORK CITY com Overlooking New York City. Easily maxalt mlt price accessit>le ment. Modern Moving maxalt canada Pictures i Patlie Service), Tenn

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