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Quietly and delightfully located in the highest section of New York City and easily accessible to the principle lines of trans- portation. The Sanitarium is sur- rounded by lawn and trees, and the rooms are light and well ventilated. Separate buildings for maternity and rest patients. Buy Mesterolone The fireproof connections between the build- ings contain elevator and fire escapes which lead to the ground from the roof garden and all floors. The operating and sterilizing rooms are supplied with modern appliances. The pathological and X Ray laboratories are fully equipped and under the direction of compet- ent specialists. Physicians are also invited to make use of these departments for patients not admitted to the Sanitarium. Open for inspection at any time. Further infor- mation, references and terms sent on request. I NXER PINES' Feauliful, auiel. RESTFUL, HOME-LIKE. Over 26 years of successful work, thuniuglily re- liable, dependable and ethical. Every comfort Mesterolone Online and convenience; accommodations of superior qual- of the nervous sysl ally. Frederick Mesterolone Tablets W. Seward, Sr., M. Frederick W. Seward. Jr.. M. Resident Physicians. Phone 117 Goshen. Goshen, N. THE JEFFERSON MEDICAL COLLEGE OF PHILADELPHIA NINETY-EIGHTH ANNUAL SESSION BEGINS SEPTEMBER 25, 1922, AND ENDS JUNE 1, 1923 FOUNDED 1825. A CHARTERED UNIVERSITY SINCE 1838. One of the oldest and most successful medical schools in America. Graduates number 14.103. over 5.000 of whom are active in medical work in every Stale, and many foreign given those who have completed additional work. FACILITIES: Well equipped laboratories; separate Anatomical Institute; teaching museums ; free libraries ; unusual and superior clinical oppor- tunities in the Jefferson Hospital. Jefferson Maternity, and Department for Diseases of the Chest, all owned and controlled by the College, together with instruction privileges in six other hospitals. Generic Mesterolone of national reputation and iinusual teach- enter hospital service and APPLICATIONS should be made early. ROSS V. PATTERSON. M. D.. Dean S PEC lAL RATE S to Private Institutions, Sanitariums, Etc., for CARD ADVERTISEMENTS CREST VIEW A beautiful place to rest and get well Scientific treatment and attention to diet for Nervous Disorders, RHEUMATISM, Stom- ach Troubles, Sciatica, Neurasthenia, etc. RADIUM BATHS, ELECTROTHERAPY, ETC. F. ST. C. HITCHCOCK, M. D., Proprietor. North Maple Avenue, Greenwich, Conn.

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