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its central origin. 22. In the causation of Meniere''s disease, Guye lays great stress upon cold and upon catarrh of the middle ear. He thinks also that fissures of the skull cause the disease during their cicatrization. According to him, Meni- 130 QUARTERLY REPORT OX OPHTHALMOLOGY AND OTOLOGY. ere's disease, or this particular group of symptoms, Micardis Mycard Program includes all those cases in which a sensation of vertigo is caused by abnormal irritation of tlie terminal nervous apparatus in one of the semi- circular canals. In a narrower sense he includes also Micardis Hct 40mg 12.5mg those cases of intlam- matory processes in the semicircular canals themselves, or in the middle ear, producing vertigo, which is either con- tinuous or caused by normal move- ments of the head, or appears only paroxysmally at intervals of weeks or months. Most of the cases of Meniere's disease are of a Micardis Plus 80 Mg secondary nature, that is, are due to inflammatory processes in the tympanum or the mastoid antrum. In typical cases the vertigo is preceded or accompanied Micardis 80 Mg Price by sensations of rota- tion ; iirst, about a vertical axis, and always toward the affected side ; this is followed by a sensation of rotation forward and backward about a trans- verse axis ; the vertigo then generally becomes complete and the patient swoons, with or Micardis 40 Mg Price without loss Micardis Plus 40 Mg of con- sciousness and vomiting. The seizures are often accompanied by intense sub- jective noises, Micardis Alternatives which may continue per- manently. In long-standing cases, a slight feeling of vertigo persists even Micardis Generic Equivalent between the attacks, and is noticed es- pecially on first moving the head after waking from Generic For Micardis Hct sleep. The affection can be relieved with or without loss of hearing. Local treatment is most suc- cessful in cases that are not too old, and often indeed in the most hopeless cases. Among internal remedies, quinia de- serves most reliance, as it often length- ens the interval of freedom from at- tacks. 23. Politzer speaks of pathological changes in the labyrhith hitherto un- recognized. In one case, microscopic sections of the softened petrous bone showed the cochlea, semicircular Generic Micardis Hct canals, and vestibule to be filled with a very vascular bony neoplasm. The auditory nerve was normal up to its entrance into the bony mass. The cau*e was probably an acute purulent inflamma- tion of the labyrinth, from which arose a proliferation of the connective tissue, in its lining, from which the bony neo- plasm was developed. This inflamma- tion occurred in a child two years and a half old, and is the first proof of acute labyrinthine iuflammatioa occurring in Micardis Plus 80 12.5 Mg a child. 24. Ladreit deLacharrifire considers that there are certain morbid conditions of the ear which are not recognizable by any change in the drum head or in the ossicles, but which may be due to vaso-paralytic congestion. The appli- cation of electric currents in cases of ear disease of this sort, by causing contrac- tility in the Is There A Generic For Micardis vascular walls, puts a stop to this state of blood stasis and passive congestion. In his experiments he em- ployed the continuous current, the rheo- phores being nipple-shaped, so that Buy Micardis Hct the projection filled up the orifice of the auditory canal. They were first moist- ened and then ajiplied simultaneously to both ears, and there maintained in ' place by a double band. He considers it necessary that the current should pass through the base of the skull, for thus the deeper parts of the ears are affected by it. When the current is suddenly interrupted, the patient has photopsic symptoms, showing that the optic chiasm also has been irritated. He em- ploys the continuous current in cases of simple weakening of the auditory nerves, and always with satisfactory results. He has never employed Micardis Plus 80 25 Mg more than eighteen elements of Gaiffe's battery, and finds Micardis Hct Generic that twelve are usually suffi- cient. 25. Buck's paper on fractures of the temporal hone is based upon accurate observation of fourteen cases, and his conclusions are most rational and philo- sophical. He makes two classes of fractures of the temporal bone, viz. : 1. Fracture or diastasis of the tympan- ic or squamous portion in the region of the middle ear, without implication Micardis Telmisartan 40 Mg of the petrous portion. 2. Fracture of both the tympanic and Micardis Mycard the petrous por- tions. There may possibly be a third class also, fracture of the petrous por- tion of the temporal bone without im- plication of the middle ear. In the first class he makes three subdivisions : 1. Cases in which Micardis Telmisartan 80 Mg no visible haemor- rhage or other discharge takes place from the ear. 2. Cases in which a hjemorrhage or bloody discharge from the ear follows the accident. 3. Cases Micardis Substitute

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