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Ken's Corner

We can say goodbye to a tough winter and look forward to spring on our doorstep. Though there is still time for an Easter snow, we hope winter departs rapidly.

With spring comes the flowering of plants and trees and all of that material becoming air borne.  For us it means it is time to schedule planned maintenance for all of our customers to clean their air conditioners and heat pumps so they will work the most efficiently for what I think will be a hot moist summer.  If you are a member of our extended service agreement plan we will be calling you to arrange a time for a tune up visit.  The plan for a tune up visit averages 30% less than our service price and includes reduced filter prices and special overtime rates. For more details or to join the plan call us and we will take care of everything for you.  Also ask about our complete line of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) products which can help keep your seasonal allergies at bay.

We are a Bryant Factory authorized dealer and we continue to receive the latest energy saving and home comfort technology from Bryant. Over 60% of annual home energy consumption goes to heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.  Bryant is always advancing their technology to reduce those costs and this year is introducing several high efficiency gas furnace and air conditioner models along with their new Evolution Extreme Heat Pump which weighs in at a 20.5 SEER rating!

Another major line we carry is Mitsubishi. Their ductless split air conditioning and heat pump systems are becoming more popular as comfort solutions for difficult locations in existing homes, or in some cases as whole house comfort systems, without the cost of installing ductwork.  With Mitsubishi, you can custom tailor heating and cooling needs to each specific area of your home which helps to provide maximum energy savings. In addition to our residential offerings we also provide a complete line of commercial systems to handle any size project.

Other news around the shop includes the continued expansion of our energy saving services.  If you are a residential home owner our certified building analyst can come out and perform a complete energy audit checking for everything from insulation levels and air leakage to duct tightness and infrared thermography to "look" behind the walls and save you money by giving your house a complete physical. If you are planning to build a new home we can review your plan for energy conscious design and help make recommendations that may save you energy dollars over the life of your home.

We are also partnered with the major utility companies in the area and can help to guide you into the rebates they are offering.  Some of these rebates are for new home construction and can help reduce the initial cost for you and your builder of building up to energy saving standards.

Spring is a time for renewal and growth and we hope we can help you renew and grow your savings with all of the services we can offer to help you get the most from your energy dollar.  Call us and we will do “whatever it takes” to provide you with affordable comfort.

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