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Ken's Corner


Autumn is here and everyone is starting to change from life outdoors to concentrating on buttoning up for winter. Below are a few tips I would like to pass along to help you make the transition with ease. 1. Check the batteries in your smoke detector. A lot of people time this with the Daylight Savings time transition to make it easy to remember. 2. Check the manufactured date on your CO alarm. If it exceeds five years replace the alarm. They will not be effective if there is a problem. If you don't have a CO alarm PLEASE get at least one and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation. (In many cases local agencies and fire departments can help provide CO and smoke alarms. Call to see if there is a program that can help you.) 3. Check your furnace filters. Indoor air quality for the cold weather is only as good as the air you are recirculating. Please use a filter appropriate for your system and invest in one with the highest MERV rating your system can support to help keep you breathing freely. 4. Check your whole house humidifier pad. If you have a whole house humidifier you know how wonderful it is to not have dry static filled air, chapped skin, or damaged woodwork. Help keep you and your home comfortable by installing a new humidifier pad and making sure the system is operating properly. The humidifier will condition your home and help provide comfort but only if the pad is operating and allowing the right amount of moisture to be maintained in your home. Well, just a few quick tips to help. If you need any of your filters replaced or upgraded, whole house humidifiers, or a new filtration system, be sure to give us a call. If you are interested in reducing your energy bills, or want to improve your indoor air quality, please contact us and ask about our IAQ products and energy audit programs. I'm sure we can help improve your comfort through the upcoming cold months.

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