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which inflammatory bubo is likely to develop, it will prove a good prophylactic measure, and assist in heal- ing the chancroid. 2. If inflammatory bubo has already developed, and the acute inflammatory symptoms have not been pres- ent more than forty-eight hours, ten cubic centimetres injected into the inguinal region corresponding to the inflamed gland will cause resolution in the majority of cases. 3. If there is evidence of pus formation the serum may possibly limit the extension of the suppuration, but in this class of cases his results have been anything singulair price but satisfactory. 4. The serum should always be injected into the area drained by the infected gland, preferably the right and left inguinal region. order singulair He has not seen good results by injecting it into remote areas. 5. In phagedipnic ulceration complicating venereal sores this serum would appear not only to neutralize the to.xines in the blood, but also to bring about a healthy condition of the ulcer. The Excision of Carbuncles. — Mr. Rushton Parker (British Medical Journal. November 2()th) again calls attention to the subject of the complete purchase singulair extirpation of carbuncles. The ordinarv* methods of palliative expwta- tion and excision, montelukast price in his opinion, in which Sir .James Paget in his Clinirnl Lectures seems to concur, show no advantage of one course over the other. The two prin- cipal features of carbuncles are (1) pain aiul (2) lia- bilitv to se])tie |)oi.soning. Incision, he a.sserts. do»'s not relieve the pain, and does nothing to pn^vent or arrest septic pois(»ning. It is a severe operation, nnpiiring an ana'sthelic, and is it.self lint)le to be followinl by septic poisoning thrmigh newly opened channels. The is ()uite different, he continues, with extir- pation, which, however extensive, is not cheap singulair n mucii more severe operation than imision. But what a ouitnist in the result ! Ask a patient the day after extirpation what he thinks of it. and he n'plies, " I fwi no nain whatever, only a little weak " : "I fi-el as if a load had Ix'een taken off me." The i>iiiti resided in the in- flamed, si n'leheali'- ing, ni-t-ording to i 32 MISCELLANY. [N. Y. Med. Jour., just as rational as the excision of tuberculous glands, the scraping of lupus, and the removal of sloughs, while experience amply proves its value. Among the twelve cases hitherto reported by him, two were order singulair online in women, situated on the face; the rest were in men. In one or two cases the relief to pain was not complete, and this he attributes to insufficient thoroughness in the excision. If the carbuncle is very soft buy cheap singulair there may be a temptation to rely on thorough scraping alone, and so to leave some of the disease behind. It is advisable to remove all, and to thoroughly cut away with knife or scissors what can not be scraped. He then reports five more cases, of which one proved fatal. This he attributes to not critically watching the sore to detect any reappearance of the carbuncular pro- cess, and not removing singulair cost thoroughly all recognizable dis- eased parts. Diseased spots he touches with pure car- bolic acid which effectually renders them aseptic and is at the same montelukast sodium tablets time anodyne. Bichromate of Potassium in the Treatment of Chronic Gastric Ulcer. — Dr. T. McIIardy {Scottish Medical and Surgical Journal for December) refers to the researches of Professor Fraser, of Edinburgh, on the value of bichromate of potassium in chronic gastric disease, and records the case of a generic singulair woman under his care who had suffered from chronic gastric ulcer for twenty years. She had been bedridden for a year; the stomach was very irritable, rebelling on the most trifling indis- montelukast tablets cretion in diet. Epigastric pain was so severe as to demand constant recourse to morphine. Vomiting purchase singulair online and ha3matemesis accompanied all ingestion of food, and nutrition had to buy singulair be accomplished per anum. Anaemia and emaciation were marked, there was anxiety, with quick, weak, and irregular singulair mg pulse, and dry coated tongue. Flatulence and constipation, with dry, hard stools of a very dark color, were present, often con- taining bloody mucus. The abdomen was tense and distended, the stomach dilated and very tender on pres- sure, and a distinct peristaltic action could buy singulair online be felt ex- tending from the fundus to the pylorus. Pain was referred to two circumscribed spots, each about the size of a dime, lying over the smaller curva- ture, and often shooting through to the back, especially to the left of the last dorsal singulair tablets vertebra. Occasionally pain became more widely distributed, and, wlien flatu- lence was severe, it extended into the scapular and cla- vicular regions. As food had been withheld montelukast tablet for some day.s, the vomited matter contained only blood and mu- cus, which threw out a sour, disagreeable odor, and gave a strongly levocetirizine montelukast acid reaction. To get rid of the mucus, and render the stomach as empty as possible, he first washed it out with a weak solution of boric acid. This had the direct effect of in- creasing the hajinorrhage, but after a subcutaneous in- jection of ergotin, and the application of singulair online an ice-bag to the epigastrium, this symptom quicky subsided. On May 14, 1897, he first administered a sixteenth of a

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