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I then suggested that he should reduce his whisky Order Thorazine to four fair drinks a day, and his morphine to three grains; and I directed carefully how each should be taken ; other suggestions similar to those the day before. These suggestions Thorazine Uses were also carried out almost to the letter without his knowing what they Purchase Thorazine Online were. Asking him why he did it, he said he did not know, only he felt that he conld, and that it was best. During flie next four days the whisky was dimin- ished and droj)ped entirely. I then cotnnK'need reducing the morphine entirely by suggestion, still allowing him to use the syringe liim- Belf, reporting to me every second day. When reduced to one grain a day, I gave him the morphine that he was to use each day in Generic Thorazine solution, assuring him that he would soon be safely free from his bondage without the least suffering. At the end of six days he had for three days been taking only pure water made slightly bitter with strych- nine. He had a great dread of the sudden removal of the morphine, and when informed that he was now en- tirely free from his relentless enemy, and had not even had a particle of morphine in his possession for three days, he nearly fainted with surprise and delight. The whole treatment Thorazine 25 Mg lasted six weeks. During the last half of the time, in addition to sug- gestion regarding his disease, I was also suggesting am- bition Thorazine Iv and higher ideals regarding his profession and his own position in it, that he was capable of better things, and would rise to the attainment of them. To- day he is playing here Order Thorazine Online in this city in a first-rate com- pany, Thorazine Online and in a much higher grade of dramatic work than that in which he had formerly been engaged. Regarding my fourth division — the educational uses of hypnotism — I would say Thorazine 200 Mg that an article was published in Pqsdiairics for February, 1897, in which a series of cases was given, illustrating these uses, in both intel- lectual and moral education. Reprints of the article have been made, which some of yen have probably re- ceived, and I should be pleased to send them to any or all who desire it and will send me their names and ad- dresses. I will add a single example here. Case VIII. — M. V., a boy nine years of age. Father a criminal with a State-prison record. Mother an up- right, mild, intelligent woman. The boy has a bad face when in repose, but better when animated or smil- ing. His head was markedly unsymmetrical in infancy and early childhood. Left ear deformed. Sense of right and wrong decidedly dull ; intellect good. He was dis- obedient, rough, uncouth; coarse in speech, violent in temper, and regardless of consequences when angry ; cruel to playmates, pulling their hair, pinching and striking them. , His mother and grandmother, with whom he lived, could do nothing with him, nor could any one else ; and seeing these characteristics, his mother became most anxious concerning his future. I at- tempted to hypnotize him at my office more than a year ago, but he was violent and noisy in his resistance, and it was impossible to secure his attention. For a whole year afterward he would not come into my house, but always ran away, as soon as he was brought to the door. At last, three months ago, tilings became so bad, he was so perfectly imnianageable, and his temper so outra- geous, that his mother begged me to come to the house and see if I could do anything with Thorazine 50 Mg him. Having secured carte blanche for whatever course I chose to pursue with him, I went. He was in the back room, his grandmother urging him forward toward the front, he kicking Buy Thorazine Online and resisting. Wilhout speaking, I wont directly to him, seized him firmly by one wrist, and brought him topsy-turvy through two intervening rooms, gave him a thorough slinking, and sat him down violently in a chair. He smoothed Thorazine Bipolar down his bang, whimjM'red a little, and grullly remnrkod that I had rumpled his hair. I told liiu) I had not intended to dis- turb his hair, i)ut as Ik^ had never obeyed anyliody I had come to the house for llu> express pur])os(> of mak- ing him obey me, and I should most certainly do it. After a few moments I said, quietly, " Now go and lie Jan. 14, 1899.] BANEE: PRACTICAL POINTS IK PERCENTAGE FEEDING. 41 down on the bed in the next room." He Purchase Thorazine started, walking toward the bed, but when near it he set oS on a full run past it and into the back room. I brought him back in no gentle manner, and again ordered him to lie down on the bed. He went toward Buy Cheap Thorazine it as Thorazine 10 Mg if to obey, but sud- denly sprang under it, and clung to the slats under- neath with hands and feet and hung there like a mon- key. I turned up the mattress, dislodged him by main force, pulled him out, gave him a lively spanking, and surprised him by tossing him vigorously upon the bed, with the command to lie there quietly until I gave him permission to move. He obeyed. Presently I ordered him to go into tlie front Chlorpromazine Thorazine room and sit down again in the chair he had before occupied. Again he quietly obeyed. I said : " All right ; now you understand you will obey me. I don't want to hurt j'ou. I want to be a Buy Thorazine good friend to you, only j'ou must obey me." I Thorazine 100 Mg then in a pleasant way gave him a short lesson, picturing to him very plainly the course of a boy such as he was, and where it would be likely to end ; and also showing what he might be if he would change his course. I told him I should be at the house again in a day or two and I should expect him to Thorazine Chlorpromazine meet me pleasantly, shake hands with me, and do whatever I directed him. The next day there came a telephone message beg- ging me to come up, M. was outrageous again. I went. He was backward in greeting me, but at length came

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