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and a doctor who Vibramycin Indications finds no detail too trivial for atten- tion where it affects his charge's health, and hygiene, save in very advanced coses, will achieve results which will fully repay us for our toil. But I have already • Powell, fjineniieii of llu Lungii, London, 1 803. taken too much of your time, and must hasten to the matter of the carrying out of such a cure. When a pa- tient presents himself for treatment, after a thorough history is taken, after a carefully recorded examination and diagnosis, after as clear a conception as possible has been formed Generic Vibramycin of the exact pathological conditions in Vibramycin Acne the lungs, we medical men are apt to think first and fore- most, What medicine shall I give here ? If, on the con- trary, we Order Vibramycin Online would start first to plan and write out (that forgetfulness or misconception may not be Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate pleaded) the details of our paiient's life; if we give him a carefully prepared dietary rather of the things that may need to be avoided than of those that can be taken — for all food that is. not positively harmful is of value — if we give rules for his exercise accurately stated, for his clothing, amusements, bathing, etc. — in short, for every feature of his life; if we sufficiently impress on him the para- mount importance of minute attention to these things and exact a promise of obedience, we will find not only that we will be apt to have.made a good step in that most important matter of winning our patient's confidence, but that the portion of our orders devoted to drugs can be made small indeed, without any decrease, possibly an increase, in the excellence of our results. I personally have found it convenient to Vibramycin Hyclate classify all hygienic measures under three heads, and this is accurate enough for all practical purposes: Those affecting the patient's surroundings, life, find exercise. Under surroimdings I place all that relates to the situation of his house and the lay of the land around it ; the conditions of that house as to sanitation, elevation, exposure, ventilation, and heating; the choosing of his room, its heating, ventilation, and temperature, etc. ; his clothing, its weight, nature, and forms. Under con- ditions affecting his life I would place the hours he keeps, the amount of his sleep, the hours of his meals, and the arrangement of his diet, his bathing and hydro- therapeutic measures, the care of his mouth and voice, and that most important item, the nature and extent of his amusements. Under exercises, I place rules as to walking, its limits, advantages, and abuse, as to mas- sage when needed, and careful details as to pulmonary gymnastics, Vibramycin 50mg which I use largely in proper cases. Planned out in this Vibramycin Antibiotics way not a feature of his life need escape us, and we can keep it all under our control. As to the special features, each man has his own views. I will only note here certain details I consider most important. The situation of the house and the especial avoidance of a damp subsoil, shown long since by Bowditch to have a causative relation to tubercu- losis, should never be loft io the patient's choice. That common fault of many houises, ovorwarm rooms and ice-cold corridors, scarcely needs to he mentioned. Buy Cheap Vibramycin The heating is all-important, and I have found that though, wilh care, excellent rosuUs can be had in furnace-heated houses, it demands more labor than where steam heat is available. Jan. i4, 1899. MINOR: HYGIENE VERSUS DRUGS IN PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS. 58 The water box of a furnace is utterly inadequate to supply the proper amount of moisture to the Vibramycin Antibiotic superheat- ed, bone-dry air its flues deliver. When not to be avoided, the bad effects of a furnace can be largely done away with by placing a tin water can in each flue, and the rapidity with which they are evaporated best shows how much they are needed. They never give off steam, which Vibramycin Syrup would be harmful, but simply restore to the air its normal coefficient of moisture, and are an excellent preventive of catarrh. In the bedroom no furnace heat should be allowed under any circumstances, the flue pipe being closed at the furnace as well Vibramycin Suspension as in the flue, and heating of the room being intrusted to the open fireplace. The selection of the room as much as of the house must not be left to the patient's judgment. In such matters he has none. The sharing of his room with another, even his wife, is not advisable, if possibly to be avoided. He needs all the air he can get, and should not be called upon to share it with another. A wall thermometer Vibramycin Tablets should be part of the furniture of every consumptive's room ; G5° F. is the ideal in winter. Over 70° should be forbidden, Vibramycin For Acne too hot being far worse than too cold. The bed, where he spends one third of his life, must be so situated as to avoid direct draughts from the windows, and the bed covers, while warm, must be light, and only single Vibramycin Mg beds tolerated. The average consumptive, when left to himself, will be found to be very much too warmly clad. Thick, sweat- producing clothing serves no good Vibramycin Cost purpose, weighs down the weakened body, relaxes the superficial capillaries, and docs harm. The rule of wool next to the skin all the year, which needs no advocate before a medical assembly, is wonderfully difficult to enforce with the fair sex; yet no one who has worn it even in summer but knows that if of proper thinness and texture it is Buy Vibramycin Online fully as cool as cotton and less likely to Purchase Vibramycin Online chill when we perspire; never- theless, partly tiirough its expense and partly through prejudice, it will be impossible to obtain in many cases. Whatever the nuitcrial, if it is so cut as to leave exposed the apices of the lung.s, and thus subject them to chill- ing, it is bad. What is known to the trade as the high or French neck should be insisted on. Of the harmfulness in a respiratory trouble of cor- sets, or at least of tight ones (did any woman ever Order Vibramycin admit they were tight?),! need not here speak; nuifllers, BO [)opular everywhere — tiiose eoiiimon makers of weak throats* — are not, I believe, sufficiently recognized us a

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