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fi3 carbolic-acid poisoning, particularly in such a case as that mentioned by Dr. Weiss, I have found that alcohol is an absolute, powerful, and immediate specific. A. M. Phelps, M. D. THE AMEKIC.VX GYX^COLOGICAL SOCIETY AND ANTISTREPTUCOCCUS SERUM. 29J5 Groveland Avence; Chicago, December 31, 1898. To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal: Sin: In your issue for December 3, 1898, there ap- pears a letter from Dr. Pr)or, of New York, in regard to the work of the committee appointed by the American Gynecological Society to investigate and report upon the efficacy of antistreptococcic scrum at the next annual meeting of that society. In this communication it is stated that the committee recommends the use of the serum prepared by the New York board of health, and furthermore, that it is " manifestly desirable that one kind of serum be employed in all cases," etc. To Zofran Price many physicians throughout the United States who have had more or less experience in the use of blood serums it will doubtless be difficult to comprehend the " manifest " desirability above mentioned, and also why discrimination should be made in favor of the serum prepared by the New York board of health. This dis- crimination seems particularly puzzling from the fact that boards of health are not generally known as manu- facturers; and the one in question has been repeatedly and unmercifully scored by both the medical and lay press, as well as by hundreds of physicians, for-engaging in a commercial venture which " manifestly " does not come within its legitimate province. Furthermore, I am assured Cost Zofran by one connected with this board that, so Zofran 4 far as the antistreptococcic serum is concerneil, only a lim- ited quantity of it has been distributed among the physi- cians of New York, and none of it has been permitted to pass beyond the confines of that city. If this is true it necessarily follows that the serum's reputation a.'^ Ondansetron Zofran a "standard" product depends very largely upon what the New York board of Zofran Mg health says about it, and the faith with which it is expected to be gulped down by the pro- fession at large. Very few serums become " standard " before they are known outside of the laboratory where they arc prepared. To the intelligent readers of the Journal — which in- cludi's tlic Zofran 8mg entire li.it 8 Mg Zofran — it is well known that there are several American manufacturers of serums — known and recognized as such — whose products are as easily ob- tainable in New York ns the one recommended by the enriimiltee; and it seems n great injustice to Zofran Iv these inanu- faeluriTS that their serums are not accordecl etpial recog- nition by the committee in order that comparisons miglit l)Zofran 8 Mg blood scriMiiM tliiin in any ollwr elii«f prcpin -in Tii'W and so eomplrx that very few numufai tiircrn have had the necessary ex|H'riene«' to enable them to pn-pnre a perfect or Iv Zofran even a reliably " standard " product. This fact was beautifully demonstrated in the competitive tests that were made some time ago Price Of Zofran with diphtheria anti- toxines, when many of the serums fell far short of their pretended strength, and a few were so weak as to be ab- solutely worthless. The antistreptococcic serum is admittedly one of the most difficult of its class to manufacture; it is the one above all others which is Zofran Ondansetron in the balance of public esti- mation ; its immediate fate, at least in the United States, depends very largely upon the report of the investigating committee; and in order that this report may be con- vincing, and at the same time just and impartial, it seems Zofran Buy to me that there are just two ways in which the work Zofran 4mg can be done. One would be Cost Of Zofran for the committee to recommend the use of the scrums of all of Odt Zofran the principal manufacturers and let each one stand or fall by its own merits. The other would be, if the Zofran Odt committee persists in its "close communion" method, to recommend the use of a serum which is not only " standard," but which is everywhere known, received, and acknowledged as the most e.vcellcnt of its kind. Of course, I refer to the serum prepared by Dr. Marmorek himself, whose name is as intimately associated with antistreptococcic serum as is that of Pasteur with the hydrophobia cure. In all probability the rank and file of the profession would prefer a report based upon a trial of serums pre- pared by the various manufacturers; but. being denied this, it is equally probable that a feeling of doubt will re- main long after the report has been filed unless the serum used in the investigation shall be that of its originator. Dr. Marmorek, of the Paris Pasteur Institute. "" Mar- morek's serum " and " antistreptococcic serum " are re- garded as synonymous terms by a large proportion of the medical profession; and if Marmorok's own preparation is used in the tests to be made, the results will be regard- ed as conclusive as to the merits of anii.ttrcpiococcin scrum — and this will not be true if a single serum of any other make is Zofran 4 Mg used. If the present programme Zofran Cost is adhered to it will be necessary for the Gynaecological Society -to appoint a committee for each manufacturer before final definite conclusions can be reached ; and, aside from the great labor and long wait incident to such a course, a great

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